Consisting of Rudy Jr. himself (vocals), Marrque Nunley (drums), Rachelle Love (percussionist), Willy Simms (guitar), and DJ Breathett (bass), Rudy Love & The Encore could arguably be interpreted as the zenith of Rudy Love Jr. in his element. A collective of close friends and family working together to create a particular flavor of pop-R&B/soul which they all share a love for, Rudy Love & the Encore is about as tight as a band comes in terms of synergy and songwriting ability. The Encore’s debut single, “Cocaine Crowd” is a perfect representation of this dynamic, with its crisp percussion, hypnotizing funk bass line and guitar licks, and a soulful, suave vocal performance from Love Jr. all coalescing into a cut that makes for an amazing first impression of the collective’s irresistible sound.